24, 5, 2019

Clean Boxing Program November testing report

Presentación LOGOTIPO CBP

The CBP is implementing a variety of reports to keep the boxing community informed of the activity of this one of a kind program.


The WBC will be releasing a weekly report containing news, updates and results and will once a month report the full testing of the prior month.


During the month of November VADA performed the following tests:


36 of tests ordered

31  of tests performed

5 of missed tests


Very unfortunately the following fighters were not located to perform the corresponding tests, resulting in a “missed test” report. As previously reported, missed tests are not adverse findings or positive tests. However such generate fines and potential penalties which could include suspension from WBC activity.


All boxers are responsible to update their housing and training locations tab all times, must update the whereabout form with VADA.


The November activity report :


* Some results might be in transit , thus pending , otherwise all tests are negative .