1988.- Sugar Ray Leonard, de Estados Unidos, se levantó de la lona para noquear técnicamente en 9 rounds al canadiense Don Lalonde y la victoria le valió conquistar dos campeonatos mundiales WBC, el de peso semicompleto y el supermedio, división creada semanas antes por el Consejo Mundial de Boxeo, y cuyo título obviamente estaba vacante. El encuentro tuvo como escenario el ring instalado en una de las playas de estacionamiento del Hotel Caesar´s Palace de Las Vegas. La actuación como referi correspondió a Richard Steele, y los jueces fueron Chuck Giampa, Stuart Kirshenbaum y Franz Marti..


July 2019
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Round 12: 2019


By Mauricio Sulaiman

WBC President – Jose Sulaiman’s son

After a holyday season in which we all hopefully found time to appreciate all that we have, we have now begun 2019, which will certainly be a very important year for boxing.

We must celebrate with great joy the incredible platform to which PBC has developed with FOX to have open television nation-wide in the United States.  We must celebrate and welcome DAZN as it brings an unbelievable opportunity for millions to watch boxing under their platform just as ESPN continues to grow its boxing broadcast with sensational matches and of course Show Time, which stands strong with great boxing programming.  There are so many other platforms which continue to grow boxing in so many countries, so these are interesting times for our sport.

http://suljosblog.com/suljos/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/cleatus-.jpg daznboxing

Just as we were starting the year, a very sad news came with the passing away of Alberto Reyes from Reyes family and the manufacturing company of boxing gloves.  Mr. Reyes leaves a legacy of greatness and such will live on forever with the memory that the so many images from the greatest fighters and the greatest fights featuring Reyes boxing gloves.

The world of boxing united to send their condolences to his wife Bertha and his children Alberto Jr., Elizabeth, Malena and Jazmin.


We also regret the passing away of a sensational human being and WBC ring officials from Curacao, Harold Laurens who passed away on December 30.


The best news has been the great recovery of our dear champion Adonis Stevenson.  We continue to pray for his continuous recovery, as so many people from around the world have expressed their solidarity care and concern during these difficult times but Adonis is a warrior who is fighting the best fight of his life.


I am happy to be back with this weekly report, which hopefully finds interest in some friends regarding our sport of boxing.

Next week I will report the status by each division from the convention official ruling and the activity and update on every single weight category.

One of the top priorities of the WBC for 2019 will be the introduction of the new Weight Management Program, which is intended to protect the health of the fighters above everything.  We will need the collaboration from promoters, matchmakers, managers, trainers, boxing commissions, boxing federations, press and of course the fighters themselves.  The Weight Management Program is as follows:


  1. Mandatory disclosure of both fighters weight at the time of agreement for a fight.


The promoter must require each boxer and their management to submit to the WBC the precise weight that he/she has at the time of signing a bout.  This must be sent to:


William Boodhoo        willboodhoo@sympatico.ca

Lorenzo Soberanes     soberane@prodigy.net.mx

Tito Gonzalez             tito@wbcboxing.com


  1. Safety weigh-in 30-14-7.


The WBC will continue with the 30 and 7-day weigh-in but we also instituted a 14-day weight check and the percentages have been modified as follows:


  • 30-day weigh-in 10%
  • 14-day weigh-in 5%
  • 7-day weigh-in 3%


The WBC will circulate a memo with the updated fine and penalties for non-compliance.


  1. Promoter must arrange with the local boxing commission and WBC supervisor to have a scale ready at the site of the bout in order to have both boxers weigh upon arrival the day of the fight.


Boxers must not exceed 10% from the official weigh-in.


4. The WBC reserves the right to impose any of the following penalties for non-compliance:


  1. Warning
  2. Fines up to $5,000 dollars for numbers 1 and 2
  3. Withdrawal of sanctioning of a bout
  4. Up to 30% penalty on the purse on number 3


The WBC will have continuous communications with the promoter in every single event to support the administration of this Weight Management Program.


Thank you and I welcome any comments, ideas or recommendations at  contact@wbcboxing.com


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