16, 6, 2019

Giants of Mexican Sports stand united planning an integrated 2019


Food for thought presented by the Mexican Sports Council of Professionals, who plans to nourish activities, particularly for young people to insure a bright future of achievement through integration and the meaningful enjoyment of participation.


The apt setting for this meeting of Mexican Sports giants was Mexico City`s Food Market. It`s existence and establishment in 1986, was one of the visionary brainwaves of late Great Don Jose Sulaiman, the Lifetime President of the World Boxing Council.  Within two years of that milestone, a Hall of Fame in Mexico City was created.


At this meeting, convened to outline a plan of action for 2019, the coming together of the very best of Mexico, with the  combined powerhouse representation of the World Boxing Council, the Mexican Football Federation, the Mexican Baseball Federation, the Mexican Pacific League, the International Auto Federation, National Association of Charros, Olympic Association and Mexican Melalists, Pro Golf and the American Football Pro Football League.


How great is Mexican Sport and what can it accomplish at its very best?!  This can be seen in the Magnificent Six, namely: Julio Cesar Chavez, Ana Guevara, Rosario Espinoza, Lorena Ochoa, Hugo Sanchez and Fernando Valenzuela.  A gold standard video showed the zenith of their magnificent inspirational careers: “Si se puede!”


World Boxing Council President Maurico Sulaiman stressed the vital importance of sports for children and that such activity can change dreams into triumph, with heroes as driving and exemplary inspiration, particularly  the 1980`s being a particularly rich vein of ultra success. But the current aim of encouraging today`s children on to sports fields and pitches, which is a social responsibility.


Angie Gonzalez from the Boutique of Responsible Businesses, stressed the importance of sports participation.  She said that seventy five percent of Mexican children have suffered some sort of discrimination or violence.  The importance of inclusion in sports teaches respect, via rules, for a goal NOT a pistol.  All good things can be found in sports and the loving support of families.  She also said: “We need to change our messages. Sports don`t discriminate. We want a  peaceful and strong Mexico!”


Daniel Aceves from the Association of Olympic Medalists who said the film of Mexico`s Six Finest is a shining example for the whole country, also reminded those present that there are so many anonymous heroes and that Mexico is a country of heroes.


Banks of cameras flashed as Carlos Mercenario,  1992 Olympic Silver Medalist in the 50kms Race Walking and three times World Race Walking Champion held aloft the COMEDEP Manifesto, saying how important sports are for vulnerable groups and the priority of promotions of sports through campaigns and community initiatives.


Javier Salinas of the Mexican Baseball League gave pause for thought, highlighting that all but three of Mexico`s sixty six  Olympic medals have been won by individuals, not teams, saying Mexicans MUST learn to work together in teams.  He explained the opportunities are right in front of us with three thousand annual sporting events in Mexico, with the aim of intensifying sport in the community, pointing out that there are many sacrifices in sport to enable us to work together.


Also, respect for gender is fundamental and essential.  The perfect message is posted outside the lavatories in the Food Market. It  indicates: “Men to the left…because women are always right.”