3, 8, 2020

Charlie "The Hammer" Hall, un ejemplo de la lucha contra el bullying

Recibimos una carta  de Charlie Hall,  un pequeño niño autista de Australia que  sufrió de acoso y maltrato por parte de otros niños, por lo que decidió meterse a un gimnasio de boxeo. Hoy ofece conferencias de apoyo a los que sufren bullying  y organiza peleas de exhibición.

El Consejo Mundial de Boxeo y WBC Cares felicitan a Charlie por esta estupenda labor y compartimos la carta que escribió este pequeño héroe


Hi my name is Charlie The Hammer Hall Aka “CTH”

I am 12 years old and I have been diagnosed With Autism. My entire school life has been full of both physical and verbal bullying as kids treated me as if I had a disease, most of the teachers at my school say I am just quirky, but I love school and learning. I was slightly overweight, and very unfit. On my 8th Birthday I took up boxing at the Hervey Bay PCYC in Queensland, Wow I finally do something that I had a passion for and was good at. Not only have I gained fitness, but also self esteem, confidence and real friendships, not so much with the kids my age but the older ones and young adults, who took time to correct and encourage me. I was so lucky that shortly after I met Former 3 x World Champion Kickboxer Ian Powerhouse Jacobs , this man inspired, motivated and took time coaching me. Because of this man I changed the way I saw things, I finally stood my ground in the school yard and said No More! I stepped up to help others getting bullied, taking them away from situations and offering kind words and reassurance. Due to my Random Acts of kindness I was chosen to become a Ambassador for the Children’s Anti Bullying Charity ICANIWILL and Ambassador to S.A.F.E Family Programs, and Am a Passionate Supporter Of Kids Helpline which I gladly accepted. I now could stand up with a purpose and help those who were being bullied or abused before it became too late.

The media heard of my inspiring journey and did a televised news article  about it, which was aired late June last year.  within a week on Facebook I almost reached over 80 000  views, it just went viral. Win News Wide Bay regularly update my journey on television as they stand with me on this my cause. I realised that there are families and children that need help. I started receiving invitations to various sporting and formal venues to speak about my incredible journey and how we could help try stop Bullying, Self Harm, Child Abuse and Youth Suicide.

 With the full support and financial backing from both my Mum and Dad behind me, we hit the road spreading the word. My Dad now retired is a Returned Army Veteran, not only is he my Boxing Trainer but is my best friend and gives me the inspiration and motivation to keep going. Dad is very strict on my training  he calls it old school, which consists with a minimum 8 km run straight after school, I make my way back home for bag and pad work with Dad, who is with me all the way. We put in the hard work around 6 Days a week training and being motivated that anything is possible if you want it!. Mum is always saying Charlie you’re just like  a energiser bunny you never stop. I just love training, maybe My Autism isn’t a Disability but a blessing as I am so focused on getting things right and accomplished.

I was given the biggest opportunity of a lifetime and that was to compete in a Anti Bullying Charity Exhibition Boxing Title Bout, Against the great 3 Time World Champion Kickboxing Superstar Mr Ian “Powerhouse” Jacobs at a major event Fight For Your Cause held at the Townsville Stadium on 20 October 2018 in front of 1700 people, I now proudly hold the World Champion Experience Exhibition Title Belt. I also competed at The Queensland State Amateur Titles in Rockhampton 2018 taking a win and now placed as the Queensland State Champion For 51kg Sub Junior Schoolboy. I defended my Title representing Queensland at The Australian Titles in Hobart on the 28th November 2018.

We travel a lot so I can make appearances at Boxing Events through Out Australia, mostly I speak about the importance of Saving Children From Bullying & Abuse. But I Also Headline At Some Boxing Events as The Youngest Corporate Boxer taking on current and former Australian Professional Boxing Title Holders In Exhibition Charity Bouts, having them join my Cause. Just to save or change one child’s life is so important.

I have been on this journey the last 4 years and refuse to stop!. I have a burning desire to for fulfill my dream, and that is Fighting at Madison Square  Gardens the home of Boxing for Kids all over the world. But I am in need of your help!! With all these boxing titles under my belt and the gift of the gab, I now have the tools to  show hope and inspiration to others out there who believe life isn’t worth living.

  I am sure some of you have been or know someone that is facing this abuse.  Please could you consider Sharing my message with others  to help me with this special cause So we can send a message out there and that is to help put a Stop all forms of Bullying. If you would like to follow me, You are welcome I have an Instagram account charliethehammerhall07. I would like to ThankYou so much for taking the time to read about my incredible journey and how Sport especially Boxing has changed my life. “ I Stand Up For Those Who Can’t! Will You Please Stand With Me”


Charlie “The Hammer” Hall AKA “CTH”