29, 9, 2020

Round 12: Eddy Reynoso, 2019 Trainer of the Year

By Mauricio Sulaimán – Son of José Sulaimán / President WBC


This week a very well-deserved recognition was announced in honor  of a great mexican trainer as the BWAA ” The Boxing Writers Association of America ” named Eddy Reynoso as “Trainer of the Year.”

This is absolutely  wonderful news for Mexican boxing and what a proud moment  to see an international group recognize in this very special way,  the work of this young and dedicated  boxer trainer!

But who is Eddy Reynoso? Edilson is the son of the well-known trainer José Chepo Reynoso. He was born into boxing and is also married to the daughter of one of the great champions of the history of Mexico, Efren Alacran Torres.

His start in international boxing comes with the success of a great fighter,  Óscar “Chololo” Larios, who was  champion of the WBC. Oscar defended his belt on a large number of occasions, including, victories in Japan with close fights, but always getting the victory and  winning by decision, which away from home is infinitely more complicated than one can imagine. Larios was the creation of Chepo and Eddy was right there by his side.

Fate and destiny then led them to discover a red-haired and freckled boy. That youngster immediately earned the respect of the Reynosos for his bravery and prodigious fist power. None other than Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

Don Chepo told us that on one occasion, “Canelo” and he went to one of his first fights as a professional, at just 17 years old. Don Chepo noticed that his opponent was a matured strong  28 year old man, fully developed and already well  advanced career wise. So Chepo advised the promoter that  Saul  would not fight, but Saul wouldn’t  accept this, and forced them to go ahead with  the fight, which he convincingly won.

The Reynosos have managed to create, mound and burnish a great life lasting bond with Canelo. They have been together for more than 15 years, and have achieved an exemplary, extraordinary and unique relationship.

A coach’s career is usually,  a complicated and  difficult myriad. There is much  injustice. The  work and performance of a trainer  is fundamental  towards the success of the fighter, however it is always the fighter who receives and enjoys  the glory, the money, fame and the adoring recognition.

There are so many trainers who even live in their gym meticulously and painstakingly developing home grown boxers, but then suddenly, someone arrives and whisks them away, consigning all those years of sacrifice, dedication and training to a forgotten heap of ashes.

Boxing is mistakenly considered to be an individual sport. Yes, it is the fighter who alone goes up into the ring, but behind the scenes and building up to it, there are many situations in which there is a team of foundation and that is an essential ingredient of success.

A dedicated trainer is the one who gets up at the crack of dawn each and every morning to run with his fighter. He is the one who thoroughly organizes a proper camp and thoughtfully  develops a comprehensive preparation. It is he who designs the plan, minutely studies the rival and then generates a winning strategy. And they become a father figure, being sage guides of boxing, but also tutors of everyday life.

The WBC instituted a special prize for trainers in 2018. It is a world championship  belt, but in the form of a towel, inspired by the timeless image of coaches in the corner with a towel draped across their shoulders.

This special award is given to every trainer who crowns a WBC world champion.

And returning to Eddy’s career, which is rising in such an impressive way, his award ceremony will be  this April 30 at a special and memorable event,, that will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. And we will be all present  to recognize and applaud him at this peak summit of his career.

Eddy is forming a cadre of top-level boxers, expertly guiding the ring destinies of  an array of champions including: Julio César “Rey”  Martínez the WBC flyweight champion; Ryan Garcia, WBC silver lightweight  champion, and former featherweight champion, Oscar Valdez, who will soon contest for WBC super featherweight title against today’s formidable champion Miguel Alacrán Berchelt.

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