December 2023



The Association of Boxing Commissions ( ABC ) met in Las Vegas Nevada this past week in which turned out to be a very successful gathering with the presence of most of the States and tribal nations represented during the week of hard work with regards to boxing and mixed martial arts.

Mike Mazzulli was reelected president for another 2 year term and it is encouraging to see that there is momentum in place to administer both sports with much needed national uniformity, respect and reciprocity.

I was honored to represent the WBC in this conference as we do year after year as the relationship between local boxing commissions and sanctioning organizations, like the WBC, is essential for the proper administration and sanctioning of championship fights as well as for the interaction of the world with the USA entity.

Boxing is a global sport, it is extremely popular in many countries and is one of the few sports which provide opportunities to every single country to win Olympic Games medals, it is also a sport which can give any country national heroes when they become world champions.

I was given the opportunity to make a presentation during one of the sessions and I basically touched in some specific aspects which we would like to continue working with the ABC and local boxing commissions to try to have such accepted in WBC sanctioned fights and other topics of general interest for boxing in general:

INTRODUCTION OF “EASY CONNECTION” Sports App – This app will be mandatory for the WBC champions and top 15 rated fighters in order to monitor their weight monthly. It also has many other elements that are helpful for each individual with regards to their health.


INSTANT REPLAY – It has been a proven success worldwide and Nevada is an example as they have a very good system in place to use technology to prevent unjust and wrong rulings as a result of human error.

4 & 8 ROUND OPEN SCORING – It has also been a huge success worldwide and all initial concerns about its implementation have been ruled out. To give both corners the opportunitty to know what the official scores are in order to adjust during the fight is a great benefit and it also brings much needed transparency to our sport.

BRIDGERWEIGHT – This new weight category has the great characteristics of strong “small heavyweights” competing in a leveled scenario without having to give 40 or more pounds advantage against current huge heavyweights. All bridgerweight fights have been high level entertaining ones in these 2 year period.

JUDGES SCORING – Something is happening and we all must actively move to find ways to have uniformity among ring officials with, revised criteria, continuous training, performance evaluations and accountability.

I was very happy to interact with Andy Foster from California, Jeff Mullen from Nevada, Greg Alvarez and his whole team from Texas, Kim Slumber from New York and so many other commissioners, officials and members of the boxing community from all over the United States.

Very impressive presentations on medical issues, such as Transgender Boxing, Medicals studies, Brain injury research and many other interesting topics.

The Athletes Voice Committee made a sensational presentation and the WBC will look to welcome them into the WBC champions committee.

There was thorough ring officials training sessions for judges and referees in boxing and MMA. Duane Ford was magnificent in touching the key points which need to be paid attention.

I was touched by the posthumous recognition of Uncle Dickie Cole a founding member of the ABC, The NABF and longtime boxing commissioner in Texas who, with his unique style, was a great leader and human being.

The ABC is a solid organization which shares the same values and principles of the NABF and WBC which is absolute care for the safety of the fighters, before, during and after the fights and great care for justice in the results of the events; To work with boxing promoters and all members of the industry to grow the boxing platform and to make it becomes safer and better at all times.

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