22, 4, 2021


By Dr. Phillip Goglia

How does the diet work with nursing?
The most effective dietary protocol for nursing are ones that promote a balance of all 3 macro-nutrients – fats – proteins – and carbohydrates both simple and complex…. Additionally caloric consumption should elevate during lactation and breast feeding to accommodate for the increased energy expenditure of lactation … and just having less sleep in general as a new nursing mom… !!


Can you start adding carbs back in after a certain amount of time? What should you start with?
If you decide to add carbs back in do it one meal at a time in ½ starch portions – for example add ½ cup cooked oatmeal at breakfast …. See how you feel as you add it to your morning eggs and vegi – add a fruit as a mid morning snack … add ½ a starch at lunch … change your afternoon snack to 1 fruit portion with 12 almonds…. Small changes … done 1 change at a time weekly … see how you feel — to better assess your sugar tolerance or intolerance… if you consume too much carbohydrate and you notice water retention and or weight gain and inconsistent energy patterns then it is easy to remove the last added ½ starch portion of the day… and then re-assess.