1, 3, 2021

Heroes of Humanity recognized by the WBC

The WBC is proud to present our first Heroes of Humanity:

AWARDED                          ACTIVITY                             COUNTRY

Aida Santiago                   Medical                              USA

Alexis Martinez               Activism                            USA

Alvaro Condado León    Activism                              SPAIN

Armando Gonzalez        Law enforcement           USA

Bruce Silverglade            Activism                              USA

Captain Tom Moore       Activism                              UK

Charlie Hall                        Activism                             UK

Charon Gordini Pallol    Activism                             SPAIN

Christy Martin                  Activism                             USA

Dani Jinks                           Activism                              USA

Denisa Gokovi                  Activism                              ALBANIA

Doctor Ksenia Svinina   Medical                               RUSIA

Dommenik Harris            Activism                              USA

Floyd Mayweather Jr.   Activism                             USA      

Iván Kalero                        Activism                              SPAIN

James Ogden                    Activism                              UK

Javier Navarro                  Activism                             SPAIN

Jodie Robertson              Activism                              UK

Keani Hoppii                     Medical                              USA      

Luis Enrique Segura        Activism                              USA

Lydia Deane                      Activism                             THAILAND

Marin Gryka                      Activism                              ALBANIA

Matthew Deane              Activism                              THAILAND

Mikkel LesPierre             Activism                              USA

Moragen Ferrell              Activism                             USA

Niall Kennedy                   Law enforcement           IRELAND

Nicolle Steiner                 Activism                             USA

Obe Yasushi                      Activism                              THAILAND

Oscar Cantu                       Activism                             USA      

Paul Cary                            Medical                               USA

Robert Dale Bridges       Activism                              PHILLIPINES

Shiloh LeBeau                   Activism                             USA                      

Tiara Brown                       Law enforcement           USA

We invite everyone in the world boxing community to nominate any person who you think should be recognized and acknowledged. Please  send an email to with the name of the candidate and a description of their heroic actions.