22, 9, 2021

The WBC presents his “Heroes of Humanity”

We all face new challenges due to the Covid-19 World Pandemic. In the most challenging times, acts of selfless heroism emerge, which determines and makes us shine as Humanity.

The World Boxing Council  is proud to present our Heroes of Humanity:

AWARDED                           ACTIVITY                             COUNTRY


Alejandro Medina Activism Argentina
Alexander Shah


Activism Singapore
Andrea Vanesa Castro


Medical  Argentina
Antonietta Gatti


Medical  Italy
Denise Castle


Activism UK


Dimash Niyazov


Activism USA
Doctor Peter


Medical USA
Fabiana Bytqui


Activism Czech Republic
Ivana Meloni Cafarelli Medical Argentina
James Weber Medical USA
Karla “Charlie” Rea


Medical USA
Leonard Ciuffoli Activism USA
Marcie Morrow


Medical USA


Meagan K. Campuzano


Medical USA
Renan St-Juste


Medical USA
Stefano Montanari Medical USA
Yolanda Campuzano Law enforcement USA

We invite everyone in the world boxing community to nominate any person who you think should be recognized and acknowledged. Please  send an email to with the name of the candidate and a description of their heroic actions.