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Round 12: Mike Tyson’s return

By Mauricio Sulaimán – Son of José Sulaimán – President of the WBC

Before I  begin, I would like to  express my deepest condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one. Fightnews lost a Flattop which has created a tremendous grief among boxing media and members of the industry. These are delicate times and our prayers go to all who are going through a difficult time.

Social media and sports media exploded with the news of Mike Tyson’s return to the ring. Regardless of being just an exhibition, the news has gone around the world, and there is great interest in seeing this event.

Tyson will face Roy Jones, who was considered, for several years, the best boxer on the planet, for his great ability, hand speed, fist power and overall dominance in the ring.

The exhibition is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, in Los Angeles, California,  an eight-round contest, without headgear , and wearing 12-ounce gloves.

This is a point that worries me. Both Tyson and Jones should wear headgear that boxers use in sparring , and wear 16, or even 18-ounce gloves.

This event is a charity initiative which is highly appreciated , and seeks to give sports fans a moment of entertainment. That is why the World Boxing Council fully supports the realization of it, but I repeat, in no way can the safety of the contenders be neglected. I am certain that the California State Athletic commission is taking every single provision to ensure their safety before and during the event .

We are entering the championship rounds of this tough fight against COVID-19. It is now where we have to demonstrate our maximum capacity to win and succeed. The cooperation  of each one of us will be essential to achieve success. We already know what we have to do, and it is very simple, but this requires discipline and never letting  your guard down , protect yourself at all times !


The simple protection steps must be applied at all times:

– Healthy distance. Just keep a gap between yourself  and other people, at all times.

– Personal hygiene. Continuously  Wash your hands with soap and water.

– Avoid touching things. In addition, try not to touch your face, especially mouth, nose and eyes.

– Use facemask covers. If you use them , and  other people too, it is practically impossible for Covid-19 to spread.

The WBC launched a special  campaign last Friday: ” I care about you “  give away a face mask. I invite you to be part of this crusade, starting with yourself; Let’s use it and invite everyone to do it.


It started August, and so did the world championship fights! We are very excited about the great activity that will be seen.

Mexican David “Bandera Roja”  Benavidez will defend his super middleweight world championship, on August 15, at the Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut, USA. On the 22nd, Dillian Whyte will defend his Interim heavyweight title against Russian Alexander Povetkin in England. That same day, former world welterweight champion Shawn Porter will contest the WBC silver belt against German Sebastian Formella, and on 29, the former champions, Venezuelan Jorge Linares and Dominican Javier Fortuna will fight in a tie for the WBC diamond belt, in California.

The  Heroes of Humanity program has ended. It has been gratifying to see the so many stories from all around the world . The World Boxing Council together with Scholas Occurrentes, the non-religious foundation of Pope Francis,  in which all  were invited to nominate those people or institutions that have had special actions during the pandemic in support of their communities .



The Ring Telmex-Telcel program was born in July 12 years ago, after a talk between Carlos Slim and my dear father, José Sulaimán.

Monthly financial aid is provided to the fighters who are enrolled in the Ring Telmex-Telcel program to allow them to dedicate themselves to boxing; it has generated 18 world champions, among them; Saúl Canelo Álvarez, who was a member of the first generation in 2008. A year later, Fundación Telmex-Telcel agreed to create a life pension and medical expenses program for 27 former champions.

Carlos Slim was named Man of the Year by the WBC for these contributions to the most important sport of Mexico , they one  with most Olympic medals, and which has crowned 200 champions of Mexico.

I appreciate your comments at contact@wbcboxing.com

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