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Round 12: Knockout Discrimination

By Mauricio Sulaimán / Son of José Sulaiman / President of the WBC

This past Saturday, June 19, a historic step was taken with the celebration of Juneteenth day, around the fight for the WBC world championship in Houston, Texas.

World champion Jermall Charlo defended his title against Mexican Juan Macías Montiel, in a fight that was dramatic and spectacular. A sensational boxing card promoted by TGB Promotions and Lion Promotions and aired by Showtime, which included an action packed undercard .

Juneteenth marks the date that the state of Texas finally abolished slavery, an event which dates back to 1865.

The World Boxing Council decided to commemorate this date by dignifying human equality, and thus continuing our fight against any form of discrimination.

After analyzing some design proposals, we selected the wonderful art produced by Estudio Menchaca and a unique masterpiece was created, depicting the breaking of the chains and the brotherhood handshake.

It couldn’t have been a better time to do it; Precisely last Thursday the President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed the law to make this date a national holiday.

The WBC will be celebrating this day every year, by producing a commemorative belt, just as we do with 5 de Mayo and September 16.

It was a weekend with a lot of boxing activity. Top Rank promoted a card in Las Vegas, broadcast on ESPN; Golden Boy had a show in El Paso, with transmission on DAZN and the participation of Jaime Munguía looking great and Roca Zamora lost her WBC flyweight title to Marlen Esparza, in a sensational fight that surely will provide a rematch.

Tom Brown and PBC promoted the Houston show on Showtime where, in addition to Charlo vs. Macías, there was alll out war between the Mexicans Pitbull Cruz and Francisco Bandido Vargas.

Finally, in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Great Mexican Champion, Julio César Chávez, thrilled the public with a demonstration of class and lean courage, with a fabulous display against Héctor Macho Camacho Junior at the Jalisco Stadium, in a function broadcast on pay-per-view. and by Azteca Tv.
A very emotional moment happened at the end Julio Cesar and Canelo embraced in the ring as it is the handing of the torch from one great to the other as Mexico´s top figure .

Yesterday was Father’s Day, which generated many emotions to most of humanity.
Many were able to share and enjoy this holiday with their parents and families, after a pandemic that kept us all away from our loved ones. Last year you couldn’t even visit, much less hug and kiss parents.

Many of us spent a day full of memories;. Those of us who no longer have a physical presence, have our everlasting marvelous memories. In my case, I received many beautiful messages from people remembering my dad on this special day.


About 15 years ago I traveled to Hermosillo to accompany my dad to a fight with our lightweight champion José Luis Castillo.

The promoter was Fernando Beltrán, and after the weigh-in we were going to have a production meeting; Beltrán called a nephew of his, who was in his 20s, and asked him to attend to my dad while we went to the meeting.

Sitting in the lobby bar, the kid was nervous and didn’t know what to talk about; Well, suddenly, out of nowhere, he said: “Look Don José, have you seen that hot girl over there?” My dad laughed so much and from there they didn’t stop talking all afternoon …

That Sunday, after the fight, it was Father’s Day. Beltrán and I went to eat with my dad, as he was flying to Los Angeles and we were flying to Mexico City. A meal that I remember as if it were today, because Fernando had just lost his father and it was full of affection, memories and emotion.

“Fernando, rest assured that you will always be like a son to me, and you can count on me and my family unconditionally,” my dad said with that comforting and warm voice that made you feel that everything will always be fine.

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