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A Salute to the Tokyo Olympics

A Salute to the Tokyo Olympics

International Olympic Committee the Government of Japan, the Olympic National committees of the world , Olympic organizers and the country of Japan

In spite of all the odds against the greatest and most majestic sporting event happening this time around, due to the ravages and the daunting challenges cast in our direction by the Pandemic, you have refused to be downcast. You have worked as never before, not once contemplating defeat, re-doubling your efforts, to give all of us the vital hope, enjoyment and the sheer supreme inspiration of the Summer Olympic Games. BRAVO!

When it initially had to be postponed, many believed that The Olympics would not or could not come to pass, but you have succeeded. It`s a triumph for sport, but also at the self- same time it`s an iconic historic achievement for humanity . The impossible tends to take a little longer, but standing together and thanks to your perseverance…here we are!

I greet you by saying: “ohayo gozaimasu.” It`s good morning leading to High Noon.

In 1964 Japan presented the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which was a wonderful and brilliantly achieved showcase to the World, with that memorable theme tune. You are back again, here and now, striking a resonant and melodic cord.

I`m so glad that in spite of the myriad of difficulties, which have been overcome, that Boxing, which has woven into the fabric of the Games since 1904, is still a proud part of the Grand Event. In those 1964 Olympic Games, Joe Frazier won the Olympic Gold Medal, in spite of a fractured thumb.

His determination in the face of that adversity, epitomized the Olympic spirit and led him on to winning the WBC Green and Gold Belt, when he became a professional boxer. So many other great boxers including Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, The Spinks Brothers, Oscar De La Hoya, Evander Holyfield and countless others, assiduously learned their craft as amateurs and realized their Olympic dreams, leading to still further glories in the professional sphere. There can be no professional boxing, without amateur boxing. It`s a continuous learning curve. It`s two halves forming one. Chapters written in the same book.

The taking part in the Olympics is the crucial element, as but few will ascend the podium to accept medals and garlands after accomplishing their zenith. Bringing together the most talented and most dedicated sporting young people is the true and glittering prize. As President John F Kennedy said at his January 30th 1961 Inauguration: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

He also once observed: “There is a new World to be won.” We are indeed facing the landscape of an altered World. Every nation has been grievously affected and stricken by Covid 19. But we have used our ingenuity, innovation, medical expertise and collective courage to combat the virus. Victory is only assured if we continue with dedication, on this long and difficult road which lies ahead.

During these Olympic Games, there are no prizes for predicting that there will be moments of unsurpassed brilliance, unparalleled performance, raw courage, true grit, individual accomplishment and team spirit, which will distinguish and immortalize Tokyo 2021.

My Dear Father Don Jose Sulaiman cherished loyalty as the most giving and sacred of human emotions. In doing what you are now doing, you are remaining true to the Olympic Spirit, but also to what defines Humanity.

The Olympic Flame will be lit and it will burn brightly for each and every one of us the World Over. We are a Family of Nations. We will overcome all adversity.

My Most admiring and Sincere Congratulations to IOC President Mr Thomas Bach for your leadership and success


Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar.
World boxing council President

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