5, 7, 2022

Round 12: How to deal with a defeat

Round 12:  How to deal with a defeat

By Mauricio Sulaimán – Son of José Sulaimán – President of the WBC


Saúl “ Canelo “ Álvarez lost his fight last Saturday in Las Vegas, so  the traditional celebration of May 5 “ Cinco de Mayo “ , which has been a tradition for several decades, was eclipsed

First of all, I want to express my feelings at this difficult time for Saul, who is a great fighter, a pride of Mexico and the world of boxing overall.  Life is life, just like boxing: you win and you lose. The important thing is the ability to assimilate adversity, accept a setback and have the maturity to get over it and move on with determination to get back and be succesful.

This same situation happened back in September 2013, Saul entered the ring to face the one who was, at that time, the most important fighter the pound per pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr., as they fought for Canelo´s WBC Superwelterweight title.

His personality led him to demand for that fight and the result was adverse. He lost the title and his unbeaten record.

The greatest fighters  in history have all lost lost: Muhammad Ali, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson, in short, all these legendary boxers who were considered invincible at one time were defeated. What happened after that? They showed greatness of mind and body, by returning to build their legacy. Canelo lost to Floyd and had the resolve to assimilate, accept and progress.

He built new plans and ambitious dreams, worked and stayed with his excellent team. He continued to learn, matured as an athlete and a person, and in the following nine years, since that set back, he achieved very important triumphs that elevated him to being the most important boxer of the moment in the whole world, the pound per pound king of today.

He conquered the WBC middleweight championship, defeating Miguel Cotto; he reconquered that same title, by defeating Gennady Golovkin.

He also knocked out  tough champion Sergey Kovalev at light-heavyweight; he won the WBC super- middleweight world championship, defeating Britain’s Callum Smith, and unified the super middleweight division, defeating champions Saunders and Plant.

He fought four fights in 11 months, defeating three undefeated champions;  all this happened in 2021.  In addition to his achievements in the ring, he earned the National.

Sports Award. He was the first boxer in the history of this Mexican yearly award to achieve this.  Saúl, you sought out a dangerous and exacting challenge against an undefeated rival and at a higher weight and lost; there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I am sure that you will rest, meditate, contemplate and, once again, assimilate,  accept and, with maturity, return to the summit. Cheer up and smile! You still have so much to give to Mexico, to boxing and to yourself.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10. Blessed are we who have our mom to  hug and kiss, pamper and give her a little bit of how much she  has given us.

She is the most loving being that exists for each  individual. She is the one who gives us the security that everything will be fine in the course of life. She looks at us like no one else can, and gives herself every day for the good of her children.

We decided to do the traditional “Martes de Cafe” press meeting on Monday. “Sport and Chips” received us with great hospitality, and it was there that we dedicated a special moment to our champions to recognize and celebrate them. Just as they are warriors in the ring, at home they are dedicated mothers dedicated to the care of their children. Ana María  Torres, Mariana Juárez, Jackie Nava, Zulina Muñoz, Lulu Juarez, Esmeralda Moreno, Julian Luna  and many more are exemplary mothers.

The WBC has so many mothers , so many women to admire and recognize for their efforts. Boxing is full of valuable women as I described last week, the power of women is always present . Lets celebrate and cherish our women today and every day.

A historic event was also announced to take place  in Aguascalientes. On May 20th, members of the Cuban Olympic team will make the official leap to professionalism. It is the first time, in more than 60 years, that a boxer from this country will fight in the paid field. Congratulations to Gerardo Saldívar and  Fernando Barbosa for following the dream… until it came true.

Did you know…

Mexico received with open arms a group of fighters from Cuba. Here they  found their home and loved Mexico until the last breath; in the official lists they are recognized as Mexican. José Mantequilla Napoles, Ultiminio Ramos, Kid Rapidez and José Legrá, among others. They gave fans nights of glory, always with their Cuban flair and panache.

Today’s anecdote

The love that my father had for my grandmother, Doña Wasila, was something that instilled important values ​​in our children. My grandmother passed away very young, at the age of 41, from cancer that was protracted and painful. My grandfather gathered my father, my  uncle Héctor and my aunt Nelly in the bedroom where Doña Wasila breathed her last.

Before she died, she asked my father to take care of Don Elías, and his  brothers; she named him the head of the family.

This is how my father lived his life, always on the lookout for his father and brothers. Once there was one of those big problems in boxing, something very delicate. I saw how he wore himself out as he was on endless phone calls.

One night I asked him if he already knew what he was going to do… “Not yet my son, tonight I’m going to talk to my mother so she can guide me to make the right decision.”

That was my dad’s life. Every day,  he remembered his lovely mother and he always turned to her during the 65 years  he lived without her presence in this world.

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