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Convención del WBC 2014 – GALERIA DE FOTOS / WBC Convention 2014 – Photo gallery

Photos by Naoki Fukuda – THE RING –

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WBA 2nd Vice President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza missed his connecting airplane because of unexpected delay before he reached Tokyo, Japan today.

Mendoza was unable to catch his 11am flight from San Francisco to Japan on Dec. 18 (Dec. 19 in Asia) after the United Airlines delayed the departure by hour and a half in Las Vegas, Nevada — where he graced the invitation of WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman to attend the 52nd Annual Convention at the Mirage Hotel.

Instead of direct flight, the Vice President was given a alternative itinerary with stopover in Osaka. He’s traveling with his wife and their two daughters to spend Christmas in the Japanese capital.

“At the moment we are waiting our connection to Tokyo in Osaka. This was the best option for United (Airlines) to send us to Japan. Unfortunately they didn’t wait (us in San Francisco),” Mendoza told this journalist.

Mendoza will supervise three WBA world title bouts on Dec. 31 at Ota-City General Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Super featherweight Takashi Uchiyama (21-0-1, 17 KOs) takes on Israel Hector Enrique Perez (27-2-1, 16 KOs), super flyweight Kohei Kono (30-8-0, 13 KOs) battles Norberto Jimenez (20-8-3, 10 KOs), and light flyweight Alberto Rossel (32-8-0, 13 KOs) takes on Ryoichi Taguchi (20-2-1, 8 KOs).



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Tadashi Yuba Retires


Former five-time Japanese national champion Tadashi Yuba (46-10-2, 33 KOs), 153.75 lbs, announced his decision to retire for good after losing badly in a OPBF junior middleweight title fight on Thursday night at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

At 37 years of age with 58 fight experience since 1996, Yuba will never fight again. He said his lost by knockout in round 6 at the hands of Filipino lefty Dennis Laurente (49-5-5, 30 KOs), 152.5 lbs, was his last ring appearance.

Laurente at 37 is one of the oldest champions in pro-boxing today. He is also the WBC Asian Boxing Council (ABCO) light middleweight title holder.

The WBC ranked Laurente No. 13 under world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.



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