1, 3, 2021

WBC honors the memory of our deceased with the Virtual Mausoleum - El WBC honra la memoria de nuestros fallecidos con el Mausoleo Virtual

WBC honors the memory of our deceased with the Virtual Mausoleum

Through the Virtual Mausoleum “WBC REMEMBERS” the World Boxing Council honors with love and respect, the memory and legacy of those who have died during the difficult times we are experiencing in 2020.

We know the pain caused by the departure of our loved ones, but we are sure that, by honoring their memory with our Virtual Mausoleum, it will bring us a little comfort and peace.

Those who unfortunately lost their lives,  deserve to be remembered and continue to be our source of inspiration to continue fighting for our goals on a daily basis.

Let us honor their memory and their life, giving the best of ourselves and trying to build a better world.
Click on  to visit our Mausoleum “WBC REMEMBERS”. You can leave your messages, memories and thoughts honoring those important people who are no longer with us.

If you want someone of your loved ones to be part of our Mausoleum, please send photography and information to


El WBC honra la memoria de nuestros fallecidos con el Mausoleo Virtual

Por medio de un Mausoleo Virtual “WBC REMEMBERS”, el Consejo Mundial de Boxeo honra con cariño y respeto la memoria y el legado de aquellos que han fallecido durante los momentos difíciles que vivimos este 2020.

Sabemos el dolor que causa la partida de nuestros seres queridos, pero estamos seguros de que, al honrar su memoria con nuestro Mausoleo Virtual, nos brindará un poco de consuelo y paz.

Quienes desafortunadamente perdieron la vida merecen ser recordados y continuar siendo nuestra fuente de inspiración para continuar luchando por nuestros objetivos diariamente.

Honremos su memoria y su vida, dando lo mejor de nosotros mismos e intentando construir un mejor mundo.

Ingresen a para visitar el nuestro Mausoleo “WBC REMEMBERS”. Pueden dejar sus mensajes, memorias y pensamientos a esas importantes personas que ya no se encuentran con nosotros.

Si desea que alguien de sus seres queridos sea parte de nuestro Mausoleo, por favor envíe fotografía e información a


Plania consiguió importante victoria en Las Vegas

El peso gallo filipino Mike Plania (24-1, 12 Ko`s) se anotó una de las victorias más importantes de su carrera, al derrotar por decisión mayoritaria al estadounidense Joshua Greer Jr. (22-2-2, 12 Ko’s), en el combate estelar de una cartelera presentada por Top Rank, este martes por la noche en el MGM Grand de Las Vegas, Nevada y transmitida por ESPN.

Plania mandó dos veces a la lona a Greer. La primera en el final del primer asalto y la segunda ocasión en el sexto, con ganchos de izquierda al rostro, que le permitieron imponerse claramente en dos de las tres tarjetas de los jueces: 96-92 y 97-91, mientras que el tercero anotó un empate 94-94.

Greer realizó un gran cierre de combate, pero no le bastó para conseguir la victoria ante un peleador filipino que lucía agotado pero que mostró un gran corazón para romper la racha ganadora de 19 peleas de Greer.

En otros resultados de esta entretenida cartelera de Top Rank, el invicto súper welter Bobirzhan Mominov (11-0, 8 nocauts) logró una decisión unánime en seis asaltos sobre Cameron Krael (17-16-3, 4 nocauts).

El peso completo Héctor Pérez (7-2, 3 nocauts) superó a Juan Torres (5-3-1, 2 nocauts) .

El invicto supermedio Nikoloz Sekhniashvili (6-0, 4 nocauts) derrotó a Isiah Jones (8-2, 3 nocauts).

Round 12: Boxing is back

Round 12: Boxing is back

By Mauricio Sulaimán / WBC President – Son of José Sulaimán

Top Rank, one of the world’s most powerful boxing companies, which is led by legendary Bob Arum, has restarted activity at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After three months of total silence in our sport, there were two shows on Tuesday and Thursday, in which a total of 10 fights were held.

I was very pleased to see the medical-administrative protocol that was applied, both by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and by the promoter .

This protocol came into force to maximize the safety and care of all the participants in the evenings, which includes the tests by COVID-19, and its importance was categorically confirmed, since  fighter Mikaela Mayer tested positive and was out of the card. But the most important thing was to see all the actions that were taken for the well being of all.

In Mexico, the activity will begin next Saturday, June 20. Promociones Zanfer will present a boxing card behind closed doors at the facilities of La Casa del Boxeo, Televisión Azteca.

Zanfer has reached a high degree of professionalism and has worked hand in hand with a significant number of experts, applying the protocol to the letter.

The COVID-19 tests are being administered by the GD Technologies laboratory, under a strict security protocol. Also this card demonstrated the importance of following these safety rules, as also the former world champion, Silvia Torres, tested positive for this coronavirus. She was immediately contacted by one of the medical directors of the WBC program, Dr. Pablo Orozco Obregón, who will be monitoring her evolution, since she is asymptomatic. Tests have already been scheduled for her family and the boxer will be in isolation.

Zanfer has scheduled three consecutive boxing shows, which have been endorsed by federal authorities, where it was confirmed that sporting events can be held without an audience.

Also, Promociones del Pueblo and Televisa have started activities and Ricardo Maldonado is ready to present boxing-related topics, with his monthly Telemundo series featuring Tutico Zabala.

There is great interest from international promoters in bringing  boxing events to Mexico, which is motivating for the national industry.

We are working intensively on the support program for low-profile promoters, who do not have the support of television companies and sponsors. There are a significant number of promoters in Mexico, and we have already had video conference meetings.


Nominations for Heroes of Humanity keep moving forward. The WBC, together with Scholas Ocurrentes and El Heraldo de México, experienced this week the call to recognize all the people who have given their everything to help others.

There are many stories, we invite you to nominate those who have shown courage and humanism, including risking their own lives. We await your message at:
For more information see:

On the same theme, the song México Cuenta Conmigo, created by José Cantoral, continues to be the inspiration for thousands of people. This week we received countless messages from migrants who are in the United States, in which he expressed his joy to see the best athletes in the history of our country, united, by this letter that inspires and encourages us in the most difficult moments. You can’t miss it, here you can find it

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